Our Green Initiative
Reduction in Cardboard Paper Consumption.
In an effort to help preserve our natural environment, High Frequency Technology has reduced its cardboard paper consumption by 40% on an annualized basis since 2010. We have achieved this remarkable self-imposed goal by using thinner paperboard for all custom made boxes we purchase, utilizing reusable packaging materials, converting to thin wall paper cores for most all rolled material goods and finally by producing our own custom crates and pallets in-house by strictly utilizing all in-bound freight forestry materials whenever available.

High Efficiency Lighting Fixtures.
Each lighting fixture within every company department has or is scheduled to be converted to an energy effecient compact fluorescent or LED lighting fixture from our traditional old energy inefficient halogen, standard fluorescent and incandescent lighting fixture.

Healthier Cleaning Solutions.
Our facility maintenance and cleaning procedures now strictly regulates that all cleaning solutions to be of an environmentally friendly grade type of product within all warehouse, production and office locations.

Reduction in Electrical and Heating Fuel Usage.
In an effort to lower our carbon footprint, High Frequency Technology has set an aggressive company wide goal in lowering its annual energy consumption in all operations and in all departments. We are achieving this goal by our aforementioned lighting fixture conversion plan, raising thermostat temperatures during the warmer months, slightly lower the facility temperature during the cooler months, converting to energy efficient air compressors and power generators, replacing inefficient hand power equipment to more energy efficient cordless hand power equipment and enforcing a strict lights off policy whenever a room is completely vacated.

Reducing Facility Water Consumption.
Many pieces of equipment within our production facility utilize a water utilize water cooling systems. In an effort to lower our facility water consumption, High Frequency Technology now utilizes a rain water reclamation system to capture natural rain water run-off for use in some of our fabrication equipment where it is necessary to utilize water cooling systems.